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As an owner or manager of apartments, offices or other rental properties, do you know if your electrical contractor is treating you right? As a result of our many years of experience doing electrical work, we have identified eight different ways to help make your property management easier. For reviews by property managers, click here. If you would like to talk to some of our current clients about us, just give us a call.

Eight Perks Offered to Property Managers by Our Company

  1. 1.There is always a live person available during business hours. Plus, we provide you with an emergency line to reach us at 24/7.

  2. 2.We will take care of emergency situations right away.

  3. 3.We provide quotes and ask for approval before doing the job.

  4. 4.We give our electricians the ability to provide accurate estimates after troubleshooting.

  5. 5.Our technicians are trained to act professionally with your tenants.

  6. 6.We will always make sure that you know when a job is completed.

  7. 7.Our technicians will make sure to notify you have any electrical issues in your properties without involving tenants.

  8. 8.We will provide you with accurate, timely bills.

  9. 9.We are easy to reach. There will always be a real person to answer our phone during normal business hours. Furthermore, you can contact us after-hours via our emergency phone line.

  10. 10.We will take care of any electrical emergencies right away. If, for example, a building loses power to exterior lights on a Saturday night, you need an electrician who will send someone out to fix it. Whether it is something easy such as flipping a circuit breaker back on or if more extensive troubleshooting is required, someone from our team will be out there to help.

  11. 11.Prices are quoted before the work is done.  If you are looking to install some new equipment, one of our technicians will provide you with a quote in writing after they have assessed the work to be done. Some examples include an apartment rewire, putting in a new ceiling fan, an electrical panel upgrade or the installation of any other type of electrical equipment.

  12. 12.Our Technicians possess the judgment to provide accurate estimates. Although a job may seem straightforward, our electricians have the experience and knowledge to know that there may be more extensive underlying issues. This could turn a simple job into a more extensive project. Our technicians have the experience and sound judgment to remember this so that they can be sure to provide you with accurate estimates early on in each project to help you make the decision of whether or not to move forward with it.

  13. 13.All Technicians behave professionally around tenants. Each of our electricians takes pride in being friendly and professional when around tenants. Furthermore, they have been trained to provide information to tenants on a need-to-know basis only. They might say, for example: “Your property manager wanted us to come out right away to make sure your power came back on”. Rather than mentioning any negative aspects of the electrical system, or sharing too much information about a job, they will leave it simple while directing them back to you if they feel that further attention is needed.

  14. 14.We let you know when the work is complete. At the completion of a job, our electricians will double check his work, do a thorough clean up, and lets the tenants know that he is finished. He will also inform you of the completed job.

  15. 15.We keep you up to date on the condition of the electrical systems in your properties. If you needed a new circuit for an air conditioning unit, and our technician noticed that the bedroom it was in had no smoke detector, he will make a recommendation to you based on that information. If on that same visit, a tenant mentions additional electrical issues that they have been experiencing, without making any promises to the tenant or obligating you in any way, our electrician will let you know so that you can decide what is to be done next.

  16. 16.We provide you with accurate, on time bills. Our bills are always sent out when they are expected, and with enough detail for you to understand them fully. We know that you need to be able to keep all of your accounting and paperwork as clear and easy as possible. If you ever have questions about your billing, our office manager is always available during business hours.

Customer Reviews
If you would like to talk to any of our current property management clients, please give us a call. For a couple reviews of our work, click here.

Is it OK for your handyman to do your electrical work?
It is perfectly fine for your handyman to take care of many simple electrical problems. It may not be necessary to call an electrician, for example, if a light burns out or you need to replace a dimmer switch. Your handyman should have enough basic electrical skills to complete this type of job quickly and safely. Don’t forget that even simple jobs can be dangerous if not done properly.

Electrical work is nothing at all like plumbing work. For the most part, you can tell if plumbing was done properly if the water flows and doesn’t leak. With electrical work, however, working light fixtures or switches can have hidden dangers behind them. While your handyman should be able to complete simple jobs safely, they should also know when something is beyond their abilities and requires the help of a licensed electrician.

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